Ostend experience

‘City by the Sea’ where you can enjoy the gastronomy, culture and beautiful environment. In Ostend there’s always something going on for young and old.

10 things to do in Ostend

  1. Spend the night in Hotel Princess
  2. Cozy dine out
  3. Visit the city and the shopping center
  4. In the summer: daily live music in the Q-Beach House
  5. Discover Ostend with a guide?
  6. Take the ferry from the Visserskaai to Oosteroever
  7. Visit the museum ships Amandine and Mercator
  8. Ensor and Spilliaert in Ostend
  9. Atlantikwall open air museum in Raversijde and a visit to Fort Napoleon
  10. Mu.ZEE - Art museum by the sea

More info: www.visitoostende.be